What do you do when you feel like you’re in a funk or when your ego tells you you’re not good enough? Do you ever find that you’re  comparing your life and your self to every dreamy feed you see on Instagram? I do.

If I could get one message out to the world, spread one concept on earth in this life- it would be the same one I need to hear, often.  I would tell anyone who feels alone, less than, not good enough or broken that they are beautiful and unique. I would tell them to embrace the perfectly imperfect, weird, awesome, compassionate, wise, beautiful being they are- with all their light and all their shadow.  I would tell them that there is something out there that only they can do, or somebody out there that only they can help. That we are all one. That we are here to heal and evolve. And that they are an integral part of that.

I KNOW these are cliches and that you’ve heard it all before. But I’m saying it again because it’s easy to slip into resistance, fear, doubt and the small-self/limited stories we let run in our heads about who and what we are. All most of us need to be so much happier is the courage to be true to ourselves, focus on what we can do to make this world a better place and stop wishing or trying to be someone else. Like Oscar Wilde said, those roles are already taken. 

Ive made a commitment to myself lately that, any time I notice I’m caught up in fear, comparison or other people’s perception of me, I will practice a mental and energetic “redirect”. I made a list of 5 actions I can choose from to shift my mood and highly recommend this, as it almost never fails to make me feel better. Your actions don’t have to be the same as mine. You can make up your own options... but here are 3 of mine to get the ideas flowing.

  •  3 minutes of “ego eradicator”  (A simple but powerful yogic breath practice that can help elevate our mood and break up energetic blocks. If you’re interested in this just type it in your search bar and COUNTLESS instructions and tutorials will pop up.)
  •  Have a solo dance party! (1 song minimum)
  •  Read something inspiring  (For me this depends where I’m at emotionally but ranges from Eckhart Tolle to Paulo Coehlo to Brene Brown to Swami Rama, Rumi, Don Miguel Ruiz,  etc. etc. I could go on forever here)

The other “redirects” I choose from have to do with meditation, mantra and affirmations (said enthusiastically into a mirror, haha), which are all GREAT options. But they can be anything you want them to be, whatever works for you... Below is a video of me practicing my favorite option. If you got nothing else from this post, at least maybe you’ll get a laugh outa watching me dance like a total dork! *Song dedicated to my ego- because it’s a liar.*

NO SHAME 😉 Love Love Love to you all!